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The “Q” in QR code stands for “quick”, your clients instantly receive additional information about your product on their phone - now.

Change in strategy - change the code destination, not the code, as the information changes.


Give more information and increase the opportunity to gain loyal customers.  No more do they have to wait until they get home to look at your website to get the information they want.  QR codes facilitate instant access to information about your business, products, and services on your customer’s phone.

No need to write it down - scan it:    website, phone number, email address, Google map, Facebook, Twitter, VCARD, PayPal Buy Now Link, iTunes, YouTube…….


Regular statistics: which codes are being scanned, how often, at what time of day and where.

No need to change the code just change the information.

Reduced printing costs: no literature change for a change of information - just change the destination.

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